SEP Program

The sale of a private business is a financial event that, for some, only happens once. And for a public company conducting a carve out this is an infrequent event. When evaluating the sale of a company, we seek to identify a strategic purchaser who will stand to gain the most from the asset, ensuring we understand what will motivate this strategic purchaser to involve themselves in the strongest deal.

At Kings, we take a unique approach, so if you are looking for an advisor to write an Information Memorandum and shop your business around town, we are not the right people for you. The Kings approach is very deliberate and targeted, involving market research and analysis, enabling us to identify and target a strategic purchaser. Our advisors will be effective in seeking to understand your business model but also that of key stakeholders in related supply or demand industries.

Our advisors will lead all stages of the transaction, following clear, tried, tested and proven processes. We respect what your business represents, understanding the fact that your staff will rely on a successful transaction being conducted with absolute discretion, ensuring uninterrupted and seamless business continuity – you may be exiting but they are not.

Please contact our team, for an obligation free and completely confidential discussion that will help you understand how we can assist you with undertaking a strategic divestment.