Kings offers a truly unique and revolutionary opportunity for business owners to be matched with foreign and local companies who are looking for strategic acquisition targets within Australia. We have built strong relationships with major international banks, who we work closely with, enabling us to understand the acquisition requirements of their banking clients. We have created a database for managing the TAPS, or Target Acquisition Parameters, for which strong opportunities exist. These parameters specify aspects such as the industry, region, and size, of the company that the entity is looking to acquire. Our goal is to locate Australian companies, who would be able to benefit from such an opportunity, advising them throughout all stages, from initial engagements with purchasers through to structuring and managing the entire transaction – all while maintaining our core focus of helping you achieve a deal that is line with your own objectives.

We have found many businesses welcome the chance to explore the opportunity, especially when it coincides with their own objectives to divest or gain an equity partner for expansion and/or growth. We have a created an efficient framework, supported by the TAPS database,
making it easy for Australian companies to explore investment opportunities, without restriction or any undue risk. Our TAPS database is a key part of the efficient and streamlined service we offer to parties on both sides, whether purchaser or seller. High level information on target businesses can be relayed to purchasers in a timely, controlled, and confidential manner. There are many ways this tool can support your own or your clients M&A objectives. Please contact a Kings advisor today for a free demonstration of our TAPS Database.