Buy Side

At Kings, we are firm believers that engaging in Growth by Acquisition, can be a powerful corporate development tool. When implemented with care and diligence, acquisitions can deliver many strategic benefits, however too often we see companies stepping into this process without giving it the care and respect it deserves. When actioned without the appropriate foresight this type of activity can end up causing more harm than good. Respect, Precision, and Diligence, are three key qualities that we hold firm on, enabling us to achieve strategic acquisitions that support our clients in gaining the competitive advantage they desire, ensuring the value in their acquisition will be realised.

As a specialist corporate advisory, our niche is in the delivery of Buy-Side services, allowing us to maintain a broad focus over every aspect of the Growth by Acquisition process. We have developed a tried and tested framework, to ensure we are adding significant value at every step of the game, as we move towards achieving successful outcomes for you and your team. Having this clear process facilitates fast and effective decision making throughout all stages, from target search and selection, through to comprehensive risk mitigation strategies. Engaging with a Kings advisor is an essential element in achieving success through your Growth by Acquisition strategies.