Sell Side

At Kings, we combine deliberate process, with lateral thinking and creativity.

We say deliberate process, because our aim is not just to simply achieve a transaction, but to facilitate the smooth transition of ownership whilst maintaining value for the purchaser – which is to everyone’s benefit, be it staff, suppliers and/or other stakeholders, in addition to supporting a strong purchase price.

Creativity is a must in every respect when considering the sale of your business, in that discovering a strategic purchaser is not an accidental manifestation through shopping an IM around, rather we endeavour to understand the direction of your industry and be intuitive with regards to emerging trends.

Our corporate advisors:

  • possess in-depth industry knowledge
  • are very experienced in developing and formulating sound M&A tactics and strategies
  • take a structured approach to identifying and initiating discussions with potential purchasers
  • provide a high level of support from initial analysis through to deal structuring and transaction negotiations
  • are connected to a strong professional network, driving the facilitation of all stages, ensuring the timeliness of action


The sale of a private business is a financial event that, for some, only happens once. And for a public company conducting a carve out this is an infrequent event. When evaluating the sale of a company, we seek to identify a strategic purchaser who will stand to gain the most from the asset, ensuring we understand what will motivate this strategic purchaser to involve themselves in the strongest deal.


If you have occupied the MD, CEO or Owner role for any extended period, you may be well familiar with the unsolicited knock – which can often create more distraction than opportunity. At Kings, our advisors are ready to step in and act as the circuit breaker, preventing you from being distracted by acquisition activity, enabling you to continue in running the business effectively.


When working with Kings you can be assured that you are not going to be lost amongst a crowd of different consultants. We work selectively with companies to ensure that we can provide the time and focus needed, to understand your strategic intent, and guide you successfully through any M&A event.