PTD Program

If you have occupied the MD, CEO or Owner role for any extended period, you may be well familiar with the unsolicited knock – which can often create more distraction than opportunity. At Kings, our advisors are ready to step in and act as the circuit breaker, preventing you from being distracted by acquisition activity, enabling you to continue in running the business effectively.

If you are yet to experience such an approach, rest assured, that you will be met with this in time – and our experience has taught us the importance of business owners being fully prepared for such an event. Unlike many of the larger firms, we offer a low fee for ongoing service, that ensures we remain abreast of your performance and strategy moving forward. This means that when a prospective purchaser reveals themselves, we have a team ready for rapid response, armed with the information to lead discussions early on.

Our advisors possess a broad level of experience ensuring they will be able to quickly discern the legitimacy of any approach. It is not unusual for a competitor to be behind an unsolicited approach, ensuing a complex set of circumstances, where experience is key to producing the right outcome for you.

The name of our Private Take-over Defence program is a slight play on words, in that, we seek to take full advantage of the approach and orchestrate the desired outcome for you. It is imperative that the early stages of such an approach are handled with deliberate and tactical precision, working to protect your companies value, driving a strong end-result.

Many of our clients have their Kings advisor on speed dial for such an event. We welcome any questions you may have about this program and how we can assist you.