M&A Services

Choosing to undertake a Merger or an Acquisition is one of the biggest decisions that companies make. At Kings, we are passionate about M&A being a powerful corporate development tool, that can be utilised for a range of different purposes. Our aim is to use the power of M&A, to great effect, as we help you achieve your strategic objectives. We have a team of specialist corporate advisors ready to assist companies, both private and public, whether foreign or locally based; who will bring years of experience, expertise, and well-refined processes to the table.

Regardless of your motivation or strategic intent, at Kings we have designed a range of specialised programs, which will support you in achieving your corporate objectives. These have been codified with years of experience and knowledge, to ensure what when you make the decision to engage in M&A, the opportunities are maximised and the risks are mitigated. .

Buy Side

At Kings, we are firm believers that engaging in Growth by Acquisition, can be a powerful corporate development tool.

GBA Program

Growth by Acquisition is an exciting way to create value in a company, however, it needs to be recognised for what it is – wholesale organisational change. Growth by acquisition carries a level of risk that must be respected and managed appropriately, requiring a thorough and rigorous process, backed by deliberate strategy.

Sell Side

At Kings, we combine deliberate process, with lateral thinking and creativity. We say deliberate process, because our aim is not just to simply achieve a transaction, but to facilitate the smooth transition of ownership whilst maintaining value for the purchaser – which is to everyone’s benefit, be it staff, suppliers and/or other stakeholders, in addition to supporting a strong purchase price.

SEP Program

The sale of a private business is a financial event that, for some, only happens once. And for a public company conducting a carve out this is an infrequent event.

PTD Program

If you have occupied the MD, CEO or Owner role for any extended period, you may be well familiar with the unsolicited knock – which can often create more distraction than opportunity.

M&A Strategy Development

When working with Kings you can be assured that you are not going to be lost amongst a crowd of different consultants. We work selectively with companies to ensure that we can provide the time and focus needed, to understand your strategic intent, and guide you successfully through any M&A event.