Professional Business Acquisition Services

Kings Global Advisory is a boutique Corporate Advisory specialising in guiding companies, both public and private, through successful Merger and Acquisition events.

We work closely with our clients ensuring that we can identify the best pathway to their success. Our core areas of focus are on driving strategic value and building sustainable growth.

When you meet with our team, you will find a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to offer a unique and targeted approach, to understanding your business and its needs. Our advisors are armed with the tools and processes that will help you uncover your capacities for growth, ensuring you are ready to identify, and take full advantage of, all opportunities for strengthening your companies value.

Our advisory services include:

Corporate Strategy Development

Business Model Analysis

A custom range of sell-side and buy-side services

Assistance with Capital Raisings

Corporate Governance Training and Development


Choosing to undertake a Merger or an Acquisition is one of the biggest decisions that companies make. At Kings, we are passionate about M&A being a powerful corporate development tool, that can be utilised for a range of different purposes.


Our corporate services include:
- Corporate Development Strategy
- Corporate Governance
- Valuation
- Succession Planning
- Cultural Analysis


Kings offers a truly unique and revolutionary opportunity for business owners to be matched with foreign and local companies who are looking for strategic acquisition targets within Australia.